What’s Happening Has Happened Before

Journalistic Ethics Have Vanished

Corruption of the MSM is the single most damaging force in America.

The MSM uses intentional oversight, lies, & distortions to promote its agenda regardless of detrimental consequences to America & Americans. The MSM exploits people’s ignorance & lack of concern for anything beyond their obsessively narcissistic self-involvement. A nation’s prosperity is built upon the forces of economic freedom, honest hard work, the rule of law, & wise, competent leadership. Without these, the nation and its institutions reside upon quicksand.

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News media — reporters and management — have too much time to fill, lack intelligence, and are obsessed with themselves and their perceived empowerment. Therefore, regardless of the status, fame, or importance of the story or people being interviewed or discussed, each reporter includes herself through the use of “I”.
Today’s media-empowered and aggrandized stars are wildly self involved, narcissistic. and juvenile.

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